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CSM Link Software

Take advantage of the online and offline data management offered in an intuitive and easy to use environment whenever your need is simple and practical case documentation and reporting or clinical and scientific research. The CSM Link Software™ for Windows® downloads wirelessly cases automatically stored in the CSM monitor or captures wirelessly (online) the CSM monitor parameters and processed EEG waveform.


    • Wireless download of cases from the CSM Monitor™ memory for the last 18 hours of CSM parameters.
    • Wireless online data capture from the CSM monitor including processed EEG waveform.
    • Cerebral State Index (CSI), Electromyography (EMG%), Burst Suppression (BS%), Signal Quality Index (SQI), Sensor impedance, monitor events and CSI alarm values parameter capture.
    • User event marker.
    • Monitor and User Event labelling with notes.
    • Event locator function.
    • Indicators for sensor alarm, artifacts, battery status etc.
    • Display of trend curves for CSI, EMG%, BS%, SQI (user selectable).
    • Display of CSI high and low alarms.
    • Display of processed EEG waveform with online trace function.
    • Tabular data for CSI and BS.
    • Zoom and scroll option online and offline.
    • Trend marker values of all parameters and EEG waveform.
    • Case data information.
    • Case reporting to screen, printer or PDF file.
    • WYSIWYG picturing in popular file formats.
    • Export cases to CSV or XML files.
    • Convert old CSM Link Software and CSM Capture files to new CSM file format.
    • Set Clock on CSM monitor.
    • Smart scan of all communication port(s) available on the computer operating the CSM Link Software™

    How it works

    Wireless exchange of data takes place between the CSM Monitor™ and the CSM Link™ .The CSM Link™ device is connected to a Windows® computer or laptop hosting the CSM Link Software™ through a serial RS232 or USB communication port. All processing of parameters and waveforms takes place in the CSM Monitor™. CSM Link Software™ does not change / delete the data received from the CSM Monitor™.


      • CSM Link™ firmware version 2.000.001 or higher is required.
      • Full utilization of the CSM Link Software v3.2 features requires CSM Monitor™ firmware version 2.000.004 or higher.
      • Imports all previous CSM Case files (*.CSV files) created with CSM Capture and CSM Link Software™ and converts to the new CSM file format .
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