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More patients monitored by lowering costs

For more than 25 years Danmeter has designed and manufactured medical devices to the professional and private healthcare sector under the tag – technological solutions with human dimension.

We are challenging the costs of brain function monitoring

Our primary focus over the last 10 years has been on brain function monitor products to assist the right dosing of anesthetic agents during anesthetic and sedative procedures in all area of the hospital. Publications with reviews of the usage of brain function monitoring indicate the costs associated as an important and limiting factor for the professionals to take advanced of this technology. We took this as a clear signal from the costumers and in 2004 we launched not only the smallest but also the most affordable solution to date within brain function monitors – the CSM Monitor™.

Our goal is to be the preferred provider of brain function monitors by offering state of the art technology designed to fulfill the needs by the professionals at proven affordable prices. Over the last 10 years we have sold more than 150.000 handheld and battery operated stimulators and monitors to the professional and healthcare market. Lean production optimized to perfection enables Danmeter to offer the most affordable solutions.

True point-of-care - everywhere

Our solutions include small, handheld, battery operated devices featured with wireless technology. The small size facilitates the trend moving procedural examinations under sedation and surgical procedures under general anesthesia to specialized units outside the traditional hospital areas and to make possible a real time and continued monitoring of the patient during inter- and intra-hospital transportation.

The OR/ICU of tomorrow is wireless

The wireless technology facilitates the freedom to monitor wherever the patient are. The true portable technology makes a true point-of-care solution.

Monitor me!

Danmeter wants more, many more, patients to be monitored by brain function monitoring during anesthetic procedures to increase the patient outcome, decrease the small but still potential risk of the patient associated with a too low or too high anesthetic level, to minimize the risk of malfunctions in anesthetic procedures and drug delivery equipment and to accelerate tailor-made anesthesia by targeting the effect site for anesthetics in man – the brain.
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