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The comfort to know - with one touch

The Cerebral State Monitor™ (CSM) sets a new standard for spontaneous EEG monitoring of the level of consciousness (LOC) or depth of anesthesia during anesthetic procedures at the point-of-use. It also sets a new standard for the cost of monitor and sensor(s) with the strategy to have more patients monitored. We and our partners distributing the CSM solution will make our best efforts to offer the most cost-effective solution. This true point-of-care assessment of LOC provides the caregiver personal insight and the comfort to know with one touch. In addition, the CSM can wirelessly be integrated with other monitors in the OR and ICU or PC software like the CSM Link Software™ available from Danmeter.

The design criteria of the CSM monitor were:

  • True handheld and portable with a long life battery operation
    • go with the patient everywhere – continuous and real time LOC monitoring including intra- and inter hospital transportation
  • Affordable costs for installation of CSM monitor and disposable sensors
  • Well-known and familiar sensor application
  • As easy to use as pulse oximetri or a blood pressure monitor
  • Fastest installation. The freestanding CSM monitor displays the LOC status within 5 seconds after application of sensors and sensor lead wire
  • 2-in-1 solution. Freestanding operation and wireless integration with wireless radio as standard
    • Use the optional CSM Link™ for wireless real time display of the CSM parameters and EEG waveform on a patient monitor or a PC with CSM Link Software™ or download cases from flash memory to CSM Link Software™ and document your LOC recording
    • All CSM parameters are ALWAYS and automatically stored in flash memory for the last 18 hours / 10 cases. All processing in the freestanding CSM monitor. No need to have a PC in the surgical suite
    • Future prospects for the investments in CSM monitor to secure integration to other patient monitors and  technology within Electronic Patient Care Reporting System with standards like  HL7 and  XML of today and tomorrow
  • No sensor lead wire between the bed and optional patient monitor
  • Open System index calculation with multi parametric EEG processing based on fuzzy logic
  • Open System communication protocol
  • Parallel (CSI) index scale and interpretation and substantially equivalent to existing spontaneous EEG monitors
  • Statistically parallel sensitivity and specificity to existing spontaneous EEG monitors
  • Global product – local adaptation with the flexibility to mix to local requirements of costs of installation and cost of disposables
  • Global product – local adaptation to the local requirements of case documentation and integration to other patient monitors and PC software
  • Global product – local adaptation with multi language product, labeling and user guides

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