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CSM FAQ - Validation/documentation

9.1 Q: What current research is being undertaken using the CSM?
A: There are several ongoing studies e.g. studies examining the effect of midazolam, Ketamine, Propofol + Remifentanil on the CSI and its comparison with other monitoring devices. Contact Danmeter A/S for updated information.

9.2 Q: What is Pk analysis of data? Are there other methods for data-analysis that are better?
A: A vast number of statistical methods exist, and Pk is one of them. However it is impossible to say which method is the best, because it fully depends on the study design and the specific hypothesis to be tested. The prediction probability, Pk, has been applied in a number of recent articles evaluating depth of anaesthesia monitors. The Pk evaluates how well an index associates to a clinical observation scale of the anaesthetic depth. Using a standardized statistical tool facilitates the comparison among the results of different studies. The Pk range is from 0 to 1.
A value of Pk = 1 means that the index-values always correctly predicts the corresponding clinical observations.
A value of Pk = 0.5 means that the index predict the order of the clinical observations no better than chance (flipping a fair coin).
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