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CSM FAQ - Data recording

5.1 Q: Does the CSM store the recorded data?
A: Yes, the CSM stores the last 18 hours data in an internal memory. Up to 10 cases

5.2 Q: Which data are stored in the CSM?
A: All parameter data shown in the CSM are stored including alarm limits for the CSI.

5.3 Q: Is the EEG waveform stored in the CSM?
A: The EEG is not stored in the CSM. In order to store the EEG waveform the data must be captured online by CSM Link software.

5.4 Q: How is the data downloaded from the CSM?
A: Via the CSM Link wireless communication and CSM Link software for CSM M2 and CSM Capture for CSM M1. CSM Capture is discontinued; please contact Danmeter A/S for further info.

5.5 Q: In which data format are the data stored?
A: The data is stored in a .CSM binary file that can be opened with CSM Link Software.

5.6 Q: Can the data be opened in an Excel spreadsheet?
A: Yes, the data can be opened with CSM Link Software and exported to a .CSV file that can be opened in Excel.

5.7 Q: Can the data stored in .CSV format with CSM Capture be opened with CSM Link Software?
A: Yes, CSM Link Software can convert the old data so the old data will be compatible.

5.8 Q: Is it possible to print out CSM data for documentation?
A: Using the CSM Link software it is possible to print a report that shows the whole case graphically.
See example
Note: The monitor records data during normal operation. Recording starts automatically every time the monitor starts operation. The oldest record is automatically overwritten when there are more than 10 recordings or the 18 hours are exceeded.

5.9 Q: Can reports be stored electronically?
A: Yes, the report can be stored as a PDF document and accessed with Adobe Acrobat ReaderĀ®.

5.10 Q: What are the requirements for running the CSM Link Software on a PC?
A: The CSM Link software requires Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 or later an runs on:
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 with the latest updates
  • Microsoft Windows XP (Home or Professional) with the latest updates

5.11 Q: What are the hardware requirements?
  • 1 available serial comm. Port(RS232) or USB Port.
  • Display resolution of minimum 1024*768 pixels
  • 512Mb Memory
  • Processor 1GHz or higher
  • 10Mb free RAM/hour recording

5.12 Q: How often is the CSM data recorded during operation?
A: All parameters are recorded each second.

5.13 Q: Why are the date and time formats different in the CSM and the CSM Link software?
A: Date and time formats are not transmitted from CSM to CSM Link Software. CSM Link Software uses the date and time format of the PC running it.

5.14 Q: Is the CSM compatible with the Rugloop data recording programme?
A: Yes, all parameters from the CSM can be recorded with the Rugloop programme.
For further information about Rugloop see www.demed.be.
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