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The comfort to know - with one touch

The Cerebral State Monitorâ„¢ (CSM) PCB Module sets a new standard for spontaneous EEG monitoring of the level of consciousness (LOC) or depth of anesthesia during anesthetic procedures at the point-of-use. This true point-of-care assessment of LOC provides the caregiver personal insight and the comfort to know with one touch.

The design criteria of the CSM PCB Module were:

  • Affordable costs for CSM PCB Module and for the disposable sensors
  • Well-known and familiar sensor application
  • As easy to use as pulse oximetri or a blood pressure monitor
  • Fastest installation. The CSM PCB module transmits displays the LOC status within 5 seconds after application of sensors and sensor lead wire
  • Open System index calculation with multi parametric EEG processing based on fuzzy logic
  • Open System communication protocol
  • Parallel (CSI) index scale and interpretation and substantially equivalent to existing spontaneous EEG monitors
  • Statistically parallel sensitivity and specificity to existing spontaneous EEG monitors
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