Danmeter ApS

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CSM Monitor - Specifications

EEG sensitivity
Noise< 2µVp-p, < 0.4µV RMS, 1–250 Hz
Input impedance
Sample rate
2000 samples/sec. (14 bits equivalent)
CSI and update
0-100. Filter 6-42 Hz, 1 sec. update
EMG0-100 logarithmic. Filter 75-85 Hz, 1 sec. update
BS%0-100%. Filter 2-42 Hz, 1 sec. update
Digital OutputWireless to RS232 link (ISM 2.4 GHz)
Wireless range
Up to 10 meters
Display size
32x17 mm
High / Low with user selectable limit
Artefact rejection
Sensor impedance range
0-10kOhm / measurement current 0,01µA
9V Alkaline or rechargeable NiMH (6AM6/IEC:6LR61/ANSI:1604A )
Supply current
25mA (typical)
Battery lifetime: Alkaline
32h (stand alone) 18h (transmitting wireless)
Battery lifetime: Rechargeable
12h (stand alone) 8h (transmitting wireless)
130 g with battery
114x60x31 mm
Internal power supply/ Class II, type BF, continuous use
Danmeter Neuro Sensors
Cable length
195 cm/77” with 35 cm/14” split
Mounting options
Velcro strip (42mm x 25mm)
Data recording 18 hours
Monitor language
English, Spanish, French, Greek, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese, Finnish, Swedish, Danish, German
Environment: Operation
Temperature 10–40°C/50–104°F
Rel. humidity 30–75%
Air pressure 700–1060 hPa

Environment: Transport and storage
Temperature 10–40°C^/50–104°F
Rel. humidity 30–95%
Air pressure 700–1060 hPa

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