Danmeter ApS

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Neuro monitoring - the comfort to know

To be confirmed you carried out the anesthetic procedure just right. To be guided by an objective assessment of the effects on anesthetics on the brain - the target organ for anesthetic procedures. To know the actual patient response to the anesthetics administered. To be warned of a malfunction in anesthetic delivery machinery (vaporizer malfunction, IV delivery malfunction, occlusion in IV line) occur. Tailor made anesthesia. Right at the spot. When you need it.

Danmeter neuro monitors are using next generation index calculation based on fuzzy logic.

Cerebral State Monitorâ„¢. The handheld, portable and affordable solution, featuring multi parametric spontaneous EEG processing into the CSI index. The smallest monitor available. The fastest monitor to install. Very easy to use. Wireless radio communication is standard.

Cerebral State Monitor PCB Module. The PCB module enables integration into various monitor systems. The PCB module is based on the same technology as the handheld monitor. The PCB monitor sends parameter data and EEG wave to the host system.

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