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CSM FAQ - Technical

8.1 Q: What is the sampling rate of the CSM?
A: Sampling rate is 2000 Hz

8.2 Q: How long can the CSM operate?
A: As long as there is power then the CSM will be able to monitor. However, if the data should be reviewed, bear in mind that the CSM has a maximum data storage capacity of 18 hours. If more than 18 hours continuous data are to be stored, then it must be recorded online by CSM Link Software or via interfaced monitor.

8.3 Q: Which type of battery does the CSM use?
A: 9V (6AM6/IEC:6LR61/ANSI:1604A )

8.4 Q: For how long can the CSM run on a new alkaline battery?
A: Up to 32h (stand alone) Depending on settings like wireless transmission and backlight

8.5 Q: Can the CSM run on a rechargeable battery?
A: Yes, a CSM rechargeable battery can be ordered from Danmeter A/S.

8.6 Q: For how long can the CSM run on a CSM rechargeable battery?
A: Up to 12h (stand alone) Depending on settings like wireless transmission and backlight

8.7 Q: How can the CSM rechargeable battery be recharged?
A: By connecting the CSM power source to mains, the CSM will run on mains while charging the CSM rechargeable battery. Note: It is only CSM rechargeable battery that will be charged in the CSM.

8.8 Q: What is the recharge time?
A: <4 hours, depending on battery status before charging started.

8.9 Q: Can a standard rechargeable battery be used?
A: Yes, the CSM can be operated on a standard rechargeable battery, but a standard rechargeable battery cannot be charged in the CSM.

8.10 Q: Can the CSM be connected to Mains when an Alkaline battery is inserted?
A: Yes, The CSM will only charge batteries with a special indicator, like on the CSM rechargeable battery.

8.11 Q: Is there an indicator telling that the battery is charged?
A: Yes, in the CSM MK2 the battery indicator is rolling while charging. When charging is finished the battery indicator is steady.

8.12 Q: Can the CSM run solely on mains power?
A: Yes, by connecting the CSM Power to the mains. When running on mains the green indicator on top of the CSM is illuminated. Note that running on mains power can under certain conditions introduce more artefacts than running on battery.

8.13 Q: Do 50/60Hz mains interfere with the measurement?
A: No, all used frequencies are either below or above these values.

8.14 Q: Does the CSM perform any self-test?
A: Yes, when the CSM is turned on without patient cable inserted, the CSM performs a self-test.

8.15 Q: How can I see whether the monitor passes or fails the self-test?
A: When the self-test is passed, the CSM starts running immediately. If it fails the test, an error code will be shown and an audible alarm will sound.

8.16 Q: Will EMI from other equipment interfere with the monitor?
A: Other equipment, which complies with the medical directives, will not cause interference.

8.17 Q: Can the CSM interface with other monitors?
A: Yes, the CSM can interface with monitor supporting Vuelink Open Interface (VOI), Philips, Hewlett Packard and Agilent.
Contact your local sales rep. or Danmeter A/S for further information.
For monitors not supporting VOI contact Danmeter A/S for further information.

8.18 Q: Which frequency range does the EEG waveform show?
A: The EEG waveform shows the frequency range 2-35Hz.

8.19 Q: Which artefacts are removed from the EEG waveform?
A: Only CSM sensor impedance measurement is removed.
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